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Ready to create a complete, stylish and affordable smart home that just works? Lightwave's stylish smart heating, lighting and power products are easy to install, easy to control and add a beautiful finish to any home décor. Connect and control your Lightwave devices via your smartphone, as well as monitor energy and control costs at home. All devices are either plug & play or simple DIY ‘retrofit’ which means they’re a straight swap for existing fittings.


Who are Lightwave, and what do they do?

Stylish and affordable smart home systems that just work

Lightwave are dedicated to making lives easier and more fulfilled with smart home systems designed to look beautiful and perform perfectly. Users benefit from fully integrated remote control and monitoring of light, heat, power and security through a market-leading IoT platform and an extensive range of smart sockets, thermostats and control devices. All Lightwave smart home systems are easy to install and can be operated by conventional manual controls, through smartphone or tablet-based apps or with your voice through a compatible smart speaker such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The Lightwave range

  • Lighting

  • Power

  • Heating

Enjoy your home in its best light

Get personalised lighting, room by room, however you want your home to feel, whatever you're doing. Cooking? Working? Want to switch the kettle on from the comfort of your sofa? Use a Lightwave smart socket to create the perfect atmosphere in your living space. Away from home? Set schedules for a smart plug-in socket to switch the radio or TV on, or use smart sockets to switch lamps on at certain times to simulate occupancy. Lightwave helps you to control your appliances wherever you are.

Why Lightwave smart lighting?

Bring your home to life

Goodbye gadgets. With Lightwave smart plugs and remote control sockets, you can cost-effectively power your home from your smartphone or tablet on the sofa, or wherever else you happen to be. Home automation is brought to life. Use smart sockets and plug-ins from Lightwave to create a smarter home. Switch smart sockets on or off, monitor your energy usage and automatically turn off devices to save power.

Why Lightwave smart power?

Revel in the glow of a warm home

Need some extra warmth on a cold morning? Need to lower the room temperature overnight, or to create a snuggly environment for a cosy night in? Use Lightwave’s smart heating controls to create the perfect environment. Always come back to a warm home. Use smart home heating to set schedules for your boiler and radiators so that they come on at certain times. Remotely adjust the temperature in specific rooms at any time to ensure optimum comfort when you arrive home from work or from a chilly day out with the family.

Why Lightwave smart heating?

Lightwave products

The products

The products

Customer scenarios

Need help with your smart products?

When you're given full control of your smart home products, it's sometimes hard to know what to do with them. Especially when it comes to knowing which ones work best together. We've featured common smart home scenarios that'll help you. Forget to lock the front door before you left home? Want to heat your home before you get there? Find which situations and products best suit you.

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